Set up Hotkeys

Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) are combinations of keystrokes that allow you to quickly perform specific operations without using the mouse. This topic introduces the supported shortcut operations, and describes how to enable hotkeys for the operations in Linkus Desktop Client.


  • PBX Server: Version or later.
  • Linkus Desktop Client:
    • Windows Desktop: 1.2.14 or later
    • macOS Desktop: 1.2.10 or later

Supported shortcut operations and default hotkeys

The following table lists the supported shortcut operations and their default hotkeys. The hotkeys vary depending on your operating system.

Shortcut Operation Windows Hotkey macOS Hotkey
Dial Selected Number Ctrl+Shift+E +Shift+E
Answer Ctrl+Shift+A +Shift+A
Blind Ctrl+Shift+B +Shift+B
Attended Ctrl+Shift+T +Shift+T
Hold/Resume Ctrl+Shift+H +Shift+H
Hang Up Ctrl+Shift+F +Shift+F
Send Message Enter Return


By default, all the operations using hotkeys are disabled. You can enable desired operations and hotkeys as follows.

  1. Access the Settings menu of Linkus Desktop Client based on your operating system.
    Operating System Instruction
    Windows On the system tray, right click > Settings.
    macOS On the App menu, click Linkus Desktop Client > Settings.

  2. In the Hotkeys section, do as follows:
    1. Optional: To prevent hotkeys from becoming invalid due to hotkey conflicts, you can select the checkbox of Notify When Hotkey Conflicts to enable notification.

      If enabled, each time you launch and log in to Linkus Desktop Client, it will automatically check for hotkey conflicts. If any, a pop-up window will be displayed to prompt the conflict.

    2. Enable desired shortcut operations and set up hotkeys.

      1. Select the checkbox of the desired shortcut operation.
      2. If you want to change the default hotkey, click the hotkey field on the right, then press the desired key combinations on your keyboard.
        Note: The key combinations must begin with Ctrl, , Shift, or Alt, and contain at least one alphabetic or numeric character.