Linkus Web Client Layout

This topic provides an overview of Linkus Web Client.

Navigation bar

Navigation bar provides quick access to the following features:
  • Extensions: View colleague information, place audio/video calls or leave voicemails for colleagues.
  • Contacts: Manage external contacts, or place audio calls to external contacts.
  • Chat: Start a personal chat or a group chat with colleagues.
  • Video Conferencing: Start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting to discuss with multiple parties.
  • Operator Panel: Manage calls of members in a specific group.
    Note: The feature requires authorization from system administrator.

    For more information about operations on Operator Panel, see Operator Panel User Guide.

  • Call Center Console: Handle queue calls and achieve real-time call monitoring, reporting, and management.
    Note: The feature requires support from PBX. Contact system administrator for details.

    For more information about operations on Call Center, see Call Center Console User Guide.

  • Call Logs: View and manage your call logs.
  • Voicemails: View and manage your voicemails.
  • Recordings: View and manage your recording files.
  • Preferences: Configure extension profile, extension presence, voicemail, audio and video, function keys, call-handling rules, email notifications, etc.
  • Chrome Extension: Provide quick access to 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' extension.
    Note: The menu only appears when you haven't downloaded or enabled 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' extension.


Toolbar provides quick access to common actions:
  • Download Linkus Desktop Client
  • Download Linkus Mobile Client
  • Download 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Extension
  • Monitor status of specific objects or quickly perform specific features via function keys
  • Switch between CTI mode and Web Client mode
  • Change agent status
  • Change extension presence
  • Place audio calls or video calls
  • Change user password
  • Change web language


Workspace is an area in which you can view or manage specific features.

Portal of system management

Access the management portal of PBX server to manage specific system features.
Note: Only when system administrator grants you management permission can you view and access system management portal.