View Outbound Caller ID

Outbound Caller ID is the number and name that displayed on the callees' phone when you make outbound calls via specific trunks. This topic describes how to view Outbound Caller ID.


You are a technical support, and use the trunk "Outbound_US" to contact your customers. Your system administrator can set up a specific Outbound Caller ID Number (eg. 0592-5503301) and a specific Outbound Caller ID Name (eg. Yeastar Support) for this trunk. In this way, when you contact your customers via the trunk "Outbound_US", the callees' phone will display "Yeastar Support <0592-5503301>", so that they can verify the identity of the caller.


  1. Log in to Linkus Desktop Client.
  2. Go to Preferences > User > Outbound Caller ID (DOD) > Outbound Caller IDs.


The Outbound Caller IDs list displays the Outbound Caller ID Number, Outbound Caller ID Name, and associated trunk that system administrator has configured for you.