Omnichannel Messaging Administrator Guide

This guide provides detailed instructions for system administrators to set up and manage the PBX omnichannel messaging feature, implementing smooth communication on the PBX system across various channels.


This guide is intended for system administrators responsible for configuring and maintaining the omnichannel messaging feature.

Steps to set up omnichannel messaging

1. Set up messaging channels
To enable your contact center to handle digital channels interactions, you need to add the communication channels in the PBX system, and configure settings for each channel, such as message sending rate, inbound messaging routing rule, etc., for smooth operation.
Refer to the individual channel setup articles for the requirements and detailed instructions.

  • SMS channel

    To reach customers directly on their mobile phones using SMS, you can set up SMS channels on Yeastar PBX with the following supported SMS service providers:


    For SMS Service Providers that are not listed above, they can add their SMS service to Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition using SMS API. After the integration is complete, you can create an SMS channel for the Service Provider on your PBX.

    For more information about the SMS service integration and the SMS channel setup after the integration, see the following topic.


  • Social media channel

    To interact with customers through popular social media platforms, you can set up social media channels on Yeastar PBX with the following supported social media.


2. Set up messaging queue

Define a group of agents to receive the inbound messages. When an agent of the queue picks up a session, he or she is able to respond to the messages in the session, and the session is automatically assigned to the agent.

For more information, see Create a Message Queue and Manage Message Queues.

3. Manage messaging history

Get access to the detailed records of customer message interactions from various channels, allowing you to have a complete overview of each conversation journey.

For more information, see Check and Manage External Chat Logs and Download External Chat Logs.