Agent Management – Log in to or Log out of Queues

Log in or log out the specified dynamic agent from one or more queues.

Request URL

GET {base_url}/{api_path}/agent/login?access_token={access_token}

Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
ext_id Yes Integer The extension ID of the dynamic agent.
Note: You can query agent's extension ID using Search Specific Extensions.
queue_ids No Integer
Important: If this parameter is not included, the system will log the agent in or out of all queues.
The unique ID(s) of the queue(s) that the agent needs to log in or log out of.
  • Use a comma to separate multiple queue IDs.
operation Yes String Log in to or log out the agent from the specified queue(s).
Valid value:
  • login: Log the dynamic agent in to the queue(s).
  • logout: Log the dynamic agent out of the queue(s).

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
errcode Integer Returned error code.
  • 0: Succeed.
  • Non-zero value: Failed.
Note: You can check the error code and error message in Error Code and Error Message.
errmsg String Returned message.
  • SUCCESS: Succeed.
  • FAILURE: Failed.


Request example

Log out the dynamic agent (Extension ID: 85) from all his or her assigned queues.

GET /openapi/v1.0/agent/login?access_token=u6UfsayUeBpUrwwpaBs6hkDeCzEE6D6t&ext_id=85&operation=logout HTTP/1.1
Response example
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "errcode": 0,
    "errmsg": "SUCCESS"