Call Center Reports Overview

Yeastar P-Series PBX System provides a set of predefined reports concerning detailed information about call center performance. This topic describes what you can do with call center report, and the report types.

What you can do with call center reports

The system automatically generates reports in the format of graphs or charts, and helps you to simplify analysis and extract invaluable data with ease. These reports can be historical and real-time. You can view and schedule reports on demand to evaluate past activities and plan future actions.

Reports types

We divide reports into two categories: queue performance and agent performance.
  • Queue performance reports: The queue performance reports give you insight into the work efficiency of one or more queues over a period of time, and help you evaluate the performance of each queue.
    • Queue Performance
    • Queue AVG Waiting & Talking Time
    • Queue Callback Summary
    • Queue Callback Activity
    • Satisfaction Survey
  • Agent performance reports: The agent performance reports give you insight into the performance of one or more agents, and help you evaluate if every agent meets the expectations of your call center over a period of time.
    • Agent Login Activity
    • Agent Pause Activity
    • Agent Missed Call Activity
    • Agent Call Summary