'Agent Missed Call Activity' Report

'Agent Missed Call Activity' report provides the missed call information for each agent. The report helps you assess an agent’s efficiency. This topic describes the report details, and shows you a report example.

Report details

Parameter Description
Time The date and time that an agent missed a call.
Waiting Time The amount of time that the caller waited for the assigned agent to answer the call.
Call From The caller's caller ID.
Polling Attempts The number of polling attempts to call an agent.
Agent Missed Reason The reason why the call was not answered.
  • Abandoned: The caller hung up the call.
  • Missed: The call was not answered in the key destination, or was routed to the failover destination.
Queue Status The final status of missed calls, indicating whether the missed calls were answered by other agents.

Report example

The following report shows the missed call activities of all agents in Queue 6400 on 11/01/2022. Calls abandoned within 10 seconds are not included in the report.