Set up Auto CLIP Routes

Set up AutoCLIP routes if you want to record the inbound calls and call back to the original callers.


  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Control > AutoCLIP Routes, select which trunks to enable AutoCLIP function.
  2. Configure the AutoCLIP settings according to your needs.
    • Delete Used Records: If the call back is answered, the record in AutoCLIP list will be deleted.
    • Record Keep Time: Set the time duration for which records are kept in AutoCLIP list.
    • Only Keep Missed Call Records: Only unconnected outgoing calls (missed call on the called party) will be recorded in AutoCLIP list.
      Note: PSTN line will keep records of all calls whether this option is enabled or disabled.
    • Digit Match: Define how many digits from the last digit of the incoming caller ID will be used to match the AutoCLIP record. Adjust the setting if the incoming caller ID has a prefix +, 0 or others.
    • Match Outgoing Trunk: Only the call back to PBX through the same trunk will be matched against the AutoCLIP list. For example, if the PBX user 1000 call to user 15880253600 through SIP Trunk1, only when the user 15880253600 calls back to SIP Trunk1, the AutoCLIP feature will work.
  3. Click Save and Apply.