Refresh Access Token

Access token expires after 30 minutes. To ensure communication between PBX and third-party application, you need to call this interface to update the access token.

Request URL

POST {base_url}/{api_path}/refresh_token

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
refresh_token Yes String The latest refresh_token value.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
errcode Integer Returned error code.
  • 0: Succeed.
  • Non-zero value: Failed.
Note: You can check the error code and error message in Error Code and Error Message.
errmsg String Returned message.
  • SUCCESS: Succeed.
  • FAILURE: Failed.
access_token_expire_time Integer Access token expire time. (Unit: second)
access_token String New access token.
refresh_token_expire_time Integer Refresh token expire time. (Unit: second)
refresh_token String New refresh token.


Request example

POST /openapi/v1.0/refresh_token
Content-Type: application/json

	"refresh_token": "SCduGecwbG9jIusiS8FxFUVn3kf0Q9R8"

Response example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "errcode": 0,
    "errmsg": "SUCCESS",
    "access_token_expire_time": 1800,
    "access_token": "4JkX5GQObeL9MGcPZDN4o4Ecv114Jo1e",
    "refresh_token_expire_time": 86400,
    "refresh_token": "fTyEpc1OTDU2vckJauWL6uBRasYYpbKU"