Queue Panel Overview

This topic describes what you can do on Queue Panel, and the permissions of queue manager and agents.

What you can do on Queue Panel

With an easy-to-use interface on Yeastar Queue Panel, you can view call statistics, change agent status, manage queue calls quickly and efficiently, and manage processing status of missed or abandoned queue calls.

  • View call statistics of each queue and each agent.
  • Change agent status in the queue, including login, logout, pause, and unpause.
  • Manage queue calls:
    • Call distribution: Redirect incoming calls, and transfer calls.
    • Call connection: Pick up ringing calls, and hang up calls.
    • Call parking: Park calls.
    • Call recording: Monitor and switch recording status.
    • Call monitoring: Barge in a call, listen to a call, and whisper to a call.
  • Manage processing status of missed or abandoned queue calls, including not deal, dealing, and dealt.

Queue Panel permissions

What you can do on Queue Panel depends on the following permission. The permission is assigned by your system administrator.

Permission Manager Agent
Switch agents' status ×
Call distribution management (Redirect, Transfer, Drag and Drop operation)
Allow for picking up or hanging up agents' calls
Call monitoring operations (Listen, Whisper, Barge In) ×
Call parking operation
Switch agent's recording status ×