Manage Queue Call Logs

This topic describes how to check the queue call logs and manage the processing status of queue calls on Linkus Desktop Client.


System administrator has granted you the viewing permission of queue call logs.


  1. Log in to Linkus Desktop Client, go to Call Logs > Queue Call Logs.
  2. Optional: At the top of the list, filter or search the desired call logs.

  3. Manage the call logs according to your needs.
    Operation Instruction
    Check the details of queue call logs You can conveniently check the source of the queue call logs, as well as the processing status of missed queue calls.

    • Source: The queue the call came from.
    • Processing Status: The processing status of a missed queue call.
    Place a call You can directly place a call from a call log via the following methods:
    • Double click the desired call log.
    • Hover your mouse over the call log, then click .

    Change the processing status of a missed queue call If you decide to handle a missed queue call, or you have handled it, you can change the processing status of the missed queue call.

    1. Click the processing status beside the call log.
    2. In the drop-down list, select the desired processing status.

    The processing status is changed; All the authorized agents can see the change, and check the operation record by hovering mouse over the processing status.