Audio Conference Call Operations

This topic describes what operations a host and a participant can do in an audio conference call.


Refer to the following table to check the available operations for a host and a participant in an audio conference call.

Operation Host Participant
Turn on/Turn off one's own audio
Turn on/Turn off participants' audio ×
Record a conference ×
End a conference ×
Leave a conference
*View participants list
*Invite participants
Remove participants ×
Note: Operations marked with * only work for Linkus Desktop Client users, Linkus Web Client users, and 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' users.

Control an In-progress Audio Conference

Preview of an in-progress audio conference

Shortcuts for common actions

Get call window zoomed out.
Full screen mode.

Main content area

Display audio feed of all the participants.

If you are the host, you can manage participants as follows:
  • Click to mute or unmute a specific participant.
    Tip: The microphone status can be synchronized on the call screen of the followings:
    • Linkus Mobile Client
    • Linkus Desktop Client
    • Linkus Web Client
    • Yeastar Linkus for Google
  • Click to remove an existing participant from the audio conference, or to cancel inviting a new participant.


New Call
Place another call while you are on the audio conference call.
Note: You can be on two calls at most. If you make or receive another call, the audio conference call will be automatically held.
Add Participant
Add participants to the audio conference call.
Mute or unmute yourself.
Hold or resume yourself.
Press a key to send DTMF signal.
Control recording for the conference call.
  • Only the authorized conference host can control the recording during the conference call, as well as view and manage the recording file generated after the conference call ended.
  • If conference host exits an audio conference call that is being recorded, the recording would stop.
End Call
End or leave the conference call.
Note: Only the conference host can end the conference call.