Update a Scheduled Meeting

After you create a link for a future meeting, you can update the meeting information. This topic describes how to update a scheduled meeting.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client, go to Video Conferencing.
  2. On Upcoming Meetings list, click beside the desired meeting.
  3. In the pop-up window, update meeting information as needed.
    • Meeting Name: Edit the name of the meeting.
    • Meeting Time: Change a time for the meeting.

      The meeting link is valid for 48 hours from the meeting time onwards.

    • Meeting Password: Unchangeable.
    • Host Password: Edit the host password.
      Note: Enter a value that contains number, upper-case, and lower-case.
    • Memo: Change meeting note.
  4. Click Save.


The meeting details are updated, but the meeting link remains the same.

What to do next

Inform participants of the change via invitation emails or invitation information.