Linkus Web Client Chat Overview

Linkus Chat feature is specially designed for both Linkus Web Client users and Linkus Mobile Client users, which allows you to quickly collaborate with colleagues and stay productive wherever you are.

Preview of Linkus Web Client chat


  • Members per group chat: Max. 200 people
  • Group chat created (per user): Max. 100 group chats
  • File Sharing: Max. 100 MB
  • Chat history: Max. 1 year


  • Private 1:1 or Group Chat: Collaborate with your colleagues efficiently through a personal chat or a group chat.
  • Customizable Notification Settings: Enable or disable pop-up notification and notification sound for new messages.
  • Chat History: Sync chat history across all your Linkus Clients, including Android, iOS, and Web; Restore chat history from the backup that is created on the same PBX server.
  • Flexible Message Type: Send text messages and emojis; Share files and photos; Make an audio/video call within a click.