Manage Your Voicemails

This topic describes how to manage your voicemails.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click Voicemails.
  3. Optional: To filter voicemails, you can do as follows:
    1. Select which status of voicemail messages you want to check.

    2. In the search bar, enter the caller's name or number.
  4. Manage voicemails according to your needs.
    • To listen to a voicemail, click .

      An unread voicemail will be marked as read.

    • To view a transcribed voicemail text, click .
      Note: This feature is only available when the Speech to Text (STT) API integration and Voicemail Transcription feature on the PBX are both enabled.
    • To place a call to the caller, double click a record or click .
    • To chat with the caller, right click a record, click Chat.
      Note: Chat feature is only for internal communication.
    • To download a voicemail, click .
    • To delete a voicemail, click and OK.
    • To bulk delete voicemails, select the checkboxes of the desired voicemails, click Delete and OK.
    • To bulk mark voicemails as read, select the checkboxes of the desired voicemails, click Mark as read.
    Tip: You can also right click a record to perform the above operations for a specific voicemail.