Set up Linkus Server without LCS

If you don't use Linkus server with LCS, you need to configure the Linkus server according to your network environment.

Background information

  • To configure Linkus server without LCS, you should have a good knowledge of your network environment.
  • PBX is connected to VPN network or connect to the ISP router directly, the user can only login Linkus by entering the Linkus server information.
  • The Linkus server without LCS doesn't support Linkus Chat function.

If the PBX is behind a router and the Linkus communicates with the PBX through the network interface that is configured with a private IP, you need to forward the Linkus relevant ports on your router and configure NAT on your PBX.


  1. Forward the Linkus relevant ports on your router. In this example, forward the following ports:
    Service Port Local Port External Port
    Linkus Service Port TCP&UDP 8111 TCP&UDP 8111
    SIP Registration Port UDP 5060 UDP 6023
    RTP Ports UDP 10000-12000 UDP 10000-12000
  2. To ensure successful communication through Linkus, configure the PBX NAT settings.

    Go to Settings > PBX > General > SIP > NAT to configure NAT settings.

    • NAT Type: Select a type according to your network environment. In this example, select External IP Address.
    • External IP Address: Enter the public IP address, and enter the external SIP port. In this example, enter
    • Local Network Identification: Enter the local IP address and subnet mask of the PBX. In this example, enter
    • NAT Mode: Select Yes.
  3. Enable and configure the Linkus Server according to your network circumstance.
    1. Enable Linkus server.
      1. Go to Linkus app, select the checkbox of Enable Linkus Sever in the Linkus Sever Settings tab.
      2. Click Save and Apply.
    2. Configure the local port and external port for Linkus server.
      1. Go to Settings > System > Security > Service.
      2. In the Linkus Local Port and Linkus External Port field, enter the corresponding port number respectively.

        In this example, enter 8111.

      3. Click Save and Apply.