Linkus Event Settings

To get informed of Linkus events, you can enable notification of Linkus related events and allow the PBX to record the Linkus events.

Linkus Event Settings

Go to Settings > Event Center > Event Settings > Operation, decide which Linkus event will be recorded in the Event Log and which Linkus event notification you will receive.

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX provides the following Linkus events:

  • Linkus Login Failed
  • Linkus Client has been Locked
  • Linkus Cloud Service Expiration Reminder

Linkus Event Log

If the Record function is enabled for a Linkus event, when the Linkus event occurs, the log will be recorded.

To view the Linkus event logs:

  1. Go to Settings > Event Center > Event Log.
  2. From the Event Name drop-down list, select a Linkus event.
  3. Select the time period, click Search.