Billing General Settings

Before you start to use the Billing App, you need to enable the Billing App and configure the general settings.

Enable Billing App

  1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to Billing > General Settings, check the option Enable Billing.

  2. Click Save.

Billing General Settings

Go to Billing > General Settings, configure the general settings of the Billing App.

  • Currency: Select the billing currency, or you can enter a currency in the text box directly.
  • Rounding Scale: Set the number of significant digits to the right of the decimal point.

    For example, a scale of 2 applied to 11.3633 rounds to 11.36.

  • Insufficient Balance Prompt: When the extension/account doesn’t have sufficient balance to dial out, the system will play the prompt.
  • Extensions Locked Prompt: When the extension/account is locked, the system will play the prompt.
  • Top-up Prompt: If the extension/account reaches the Balance Threshold, the system will play the top up prompt when you are calling out.
  • Balance Threshold: When the balance of the extension/account reaches the threshold, the system will play the Top up Prompt to remind you to top up your extension/account.
  • Hangup with Insufficient Balance: When the account balance is less than the credit limit, the call will be hung up automatically.