Account Billing

The Billing App supports to charge cost from an account. This solution is typically for a shared extension, which is shared by multiple users. Everyone can use the extension to make outgoing calls with their account credentials.

Go to Billing > Account to configure the billing settings for the accounts.

At the top of the page, you can see the total top-up and total balance, also the extension and account top-up and balance.

  • : Locked. The account is locked, and could not be used to dial out make outbound calls.
  • : Available. The account is available to be used.

Add an Account

  1. Go to Billing > Account, click Add.
  2. Configure the account settings.

    • Account: You can fill in letters or numbers.
    • Credit Limit: Set the credit limit.
      • If the pay type is prepaid, when the account balance is less than the Credit Limit, it will not be able to dial out external numbers.
      • If the pay type is postpaid, the Credit Limit is the total amount the account can owe.
    • Status: Set the account status.
      • Available: the account is available to use.
      • Locked: the account could not be used to dial out make outbound calls.
    • Pay Type: Choose the pay type.
      • Prepaid
      • Postpaid
    • Password: Set a password for the account. When users will call out by the account, they need to enter the password.
      Note: The password for accounts cannot be the same.
  3. Click Save and Apply.

Top up an Account

  1. Go to Billing > Account, choose an account, click .
  2. Enter the top up amount, and click Top Up.

Top up Bulk Accounts

  1. Go to Billing > Account, select the checkbox of the desired accounts, and click Top Up.
  2. Select the accounts that you want to top up to the Selected box, click Top Up.