Import and Export - FAQ

This topic provides answers to commonly asked questions about import and export.


Why can't import data?

The causes and solutions are as follow:

Cause Solution
The format of the imported file is incorrect. The format of the imported file must be UTF-8 .CSV.
Important: Do not edit the CSV file in Excel.
The parameters contained in the imported file do not meet requirements. The parameter name or the number of parameters does not meet requirements.

For more information about parameter requirements, seeImport and Export Parameters Overview.

The size of the imported file is too large. The file size requirements:
  • For Contacts: Less than 300 MB
  • For Extensions, Trunks, Inbound Routes, and Outbound Routes: Less than 50 MB
The length of file name is too long. The file name requirement: Less than 127 characters
The imported file does not exist. Check whether the imported source file has been moved or deleted.

Why failed to import part of data?

When the system prompts you “Failed to import part of data”, you can download the file and check for the failed data at first column ErrorCause.

Some possible reasons for the failure of data import are as follows:

  • Max import limit is reached. The data exceeding the limit can not be imported.
  • The imported data is duplicated with the existing data of the PBX, or there is duplicate data in the imported file, the duplicated part can not be imported.
  • The parameter content does not meet the requirement.

    For example, the format of Email Address is incorrect.

  • The value of required parameter is left blank.

How to view or change the text encoding on Ron's Editor ?

  1. Open the imported file on Ron's Editor.
  2. In the File drop-down list, select Properties.
  3. In the Text Encoding field, view or change the text encoding.