Flip an Active Call between Devices

Call Flip feature allows you to effortlessly and seamlessly flip an active call from Linkus Web Client to another device (with your extension registered), without any interruption to the conversation.


Assume that you are in a call with a customer, but have to get out of the office. In this case, you can flip the call to your mobile phone, keeping talking without customer knowing the switchover.



  1. During an active call, click More.

  2. On the expanded menu, click Call Flip.

    All the other devices where your extension is registered are displayed.

  3. Click the desired device.
    Linkus will make a call to your extension on the device.
    Tip: In case you want to cancel call flip, click Cancel at the bottom-right corner of the call screen.

  4. Answer the call on the selected device.

    The call is flipped to the selected device.