CDR Parameters in Database

Descriptions for CDR parameters in the database of PBX.

Description of CDR Parameters

Parameters Descriptions
id No special meaning, all ids are 0.
datetime Date and time
clid Caller Name<Extension>
src Caller Number
dst Called Number
dcontext Dial plan
srctrunk Source trunk
dstrunk Destination trunk
lastapp The last operation of the extension
lastdata System internal flag
duration Talk duration (calculates from the beginning of the call)
billable Billing duration
disposition Answered status of the call
amaflags System internal flag
calltype Call type:
  • Internal
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Transfer
accountcode Billing password
uniqueid CDR unique identifier
recordfile Recordings name
recordpath Recordings path (with file name)
monitorfile Name of One Touch Recordings
monitorpath Path of One Touch Recordings (with file name)
dstmonitorfile Name of One Touch Recordings for callee
dstmonitorpath Path of One Touch Recordings for callee
extfield1 Caller name
extfield2 Callee name
extfield3 The displayed DOD number when the caller makes an outbound call.
extfield4 IP address of the phone
extfield5 The phone number displayed (without patterns of outbound routes) when the caller makes an outbound call.
payaccount The account which will be charged.
usercost Call cost that the extension should afford.
didnumber DID number that the caller dials.
transbilling System internal flag
payexten The extension which will be charged.
srcchanurl System internal flag
dstchanurl System internal flag