Restrict International Calls to Specific Countries and Regions

By default, users can place calls to any countries and regions. Yeastar Cloud PBX allows you to restrict users from making international calls to specific countries and regions.


A manufacturer has a factory in Mexico, and his target customers are in Argentina. The manufacturer wants to set up a rule to restrict employees from making international calls to other countries.


  1. Go to Settings > System > Security > Allowed Country Codes.
  2. In the Operation section, enable international dialing protection, and set international dialing code.
    1. Select the checkbox of Enable Allowed Country/Region Code Dialing Protection.

      Extension users can ONLY make international calls to the allowed countries or regions.

    2. In the International Dialing Code field, enter the international call prefix according to your country. In the scenario, enter 00.
      When a user tries to call a number starting with 00, the PBX's outbound route will identify this call as an international call, and then check if the country/region code is allowed.
      Note: Make sure there is at least one outbound route that matches with the international dialing code to route the international calls.
    3. Click Save.
  3. In the Country/Region Code Dial Management section, set users can make international calls to which countries or regions.

    1. In the search box, enter the desired countries or regions. In the scenario, enter Argentina.
    2. In the Allow column, turn on the option.
      In the scenario, users can NOT make international calls to countries/regions except Argentina.
      Note: Some countries or regions share the same code (e.g. The country code for Canada and America is 1 ). If you allow international dialing to a country/region, users can also place calls to the countries/regions that share the same code.


When a user dials a number, PBX's outbound route will check if the dialing is valid:
  • If a user dials International Dialing Code + allowed Country/Region Code, the dial is considered as valid.
  • If a user dials International Dialing Code + disallowed Country/Region Code, the dial is considered as invalid.
  • If a user only dials Country/Region Code, the PBX will check if there is a matched outbound route to route the call out.