Zoho Integration Introduction

Zoho Integration App is designed to facilitate quick integration between your Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and multiple Zoho applications.

Supported Zoho applications and features

The Zoho Integration App is applicable to the following Zoho applications:

  • Zoho One: An all-in-one suite of Zoho applications designed to meet user‘s every business need.
  • Zoho CRM: Online CRM customer relationship management system and sales management software.
  • Zoho Mail: Enterprise cloud mailbox designed for corporate users especially.
  • Zoho Recruit: Online intelligent recruitment management software for corporate human resources.
  • Zoho Desk: Cloud-based online customer service management system.

The Zoho Integration App enables the following features and benefits in the above Zoho applications:

  • One-for-all Integration: Integrate multiple Zoho applications at one time in one simple integration process.
  • Click-to-call: Click on any phone number to make an outbound call right straight from Zoho.
  • Call Pop-ups: Automatically display the caller information as a screen pop-up upon an inbound call.
  • Call Journals: All call details will be automatically logged in Zoho to help you keep track of every conversation.
Zoho One Zoho CRM Zoho Mail Zoho Recruit Zoho Desk
One for all Integration
Click to Call
Call Pop-ups
Call Journals - - -


  • Zoho super administrator: The master that can access all the data and manage all the users in Zoho applications, such as CEO, senior executive, senior administrator, etc.
  • Zoho User: The corporate staff who can only access specific data based on assigned permissions (roles), such as sales manager, FAE, etc.
  • PBX Extension: The extension number to each staff. The staffs can register the extension on a phone and use the extension to make calls.
  • Zoho Account: The companies or departments within a company with which you have business dealings. Single or multiple contacts can be associated to an account.

  • Zoho Contact: The people in an organization with whom your company has business communications in pursuit of business opportunities.