International Call Limit

To prevent toll fraud, you need to pay particular attention to the trunk that is used to make international calls.

Limit Call Credit

Before you set up the trunk on your PBX, ask the trunk provider to limit the credit of international calls.

If you don't need to make international calls, ask the provider to disable international call service on the trunk.

Set Password for the International Outbound Calls

Set a single PIN for the outbound route that allows international calls, when the users dial international numbers, the PBX will ask the users to enter a PIN.

Note: You can also set a PIN list for the outbound route, and assign different PIN numbers to the users who have permission to make international calls.
  • If the PIN is correct, the PBX will call the international number.
  • If the PIN is incorrect, the PBX will drop the call.

Disable International Calls on the PBX

If the trunk provider cannot disable international calls for the trunk, you can add an invalid outbound route on the PBX to disable international calls.

  1. Create an invalid SIP trunk like the following figure.

  2. Create an outbound route for the invalid SIP trunk.
    • Set Patterns to 00.
    • Select the invalid SIP trunk
    • Select all the extensions

  3. Place the invalid outbound route to the top.