Call Center Overview

This topic describes what is Yeastar Call Center service, highlight, and the steps to set up a Call Center.

What is Yeastar Call Center service

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition introduces an inbound call center solution to improve agent efficiency, responsiveness, and ultimate customer satisfaction for SMEs running service centers.

Yeastar Call Center provides a powerful console for manager and agents to handle queue calls. Call Center Console is a web-based utility integrated with Linkus Web Client, including a customizable Wallboard for proactive tracking of 16 key performance metrics, and a switchboard-type Queue Panel for real-time monitoring & control of queue activities.
Note: Queue Panel is only recommended for queues with no more than 1000 extensions, otherwise the user experience will be affected as web browser can not work properly with excessive data volume.

For more information of monitoring queue performance and managing queue calls on Call Center Console, see Yeastar Call Center Console User Guide.


  • Real-time metrics on Wallboard: Display a range of call center metrics and KPIs that allow queue managers to monitor and optimize performance, and spot emerging trends in a central location.

  • Switchboard-type Queue Panel: Show the call metrics and agents' performance in real time, and offer a comprehensive view on activity of call that allows manager and agents to handle queue calls.

  • SLA for performance measurement: Consistent delivering service that meets or exceeds the expectations set out in the SLA.

  • Insightful Call Center reports: Real-time and historical reports that help system administrator to track queue performance indicators, and assess agent performance.

Steps to set up Call Center

  1. Create a queue.
  2. Set up Call Center.
    1. Manage queue managers: Set one or more extension users as queue managers.

      The queue managers can receive queue notifications by email.

    2. Customize queue notification: Send email notifications to queue manager when a queue call is missed or abandoned, or the service level agreement reaches the alarm threshold.
    3. Grant queue panel permissions: Grant the permissions respectively for queue manager and agents.
    4. Set up Service Level Agreement (SLA): Define a certain level of service for a queue.
  3. Manage Call Center report: View and schedule Call Center reports.