Linkus SDK for Android Overview

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition supports Linkus SDK, enabling you to integrate calling, CDR, and more Linkus UC Clients' functionalities into 3rd-party Android applications. This topic describes the requirements, prerequisites, demo and source code, integration process, and features of 'Linkus SDK for Android'.


Platform / Environment Requirement
PBX Server
  • Firmware: or later
  • Plan: Ultimate Plan (UP)
Development Environment
  • Java version: Java 11
  • Android version: 5.0 or later
  • Android Studio version: Arctic Fox or later
  • Gradle version: 6.5
  • Android Gradle Plugin version: 4.1.1
    Note: If you are using other versions of 'Gradle' and 'Gradle plugin', additional debugging may be required to ensure that the 'Linkus SDK for Android' works properly.


You have obtained the push certificate from the Android devices' operator, and noted down the required push certificate fields.
  • Push certificate is used to ensure that you can receive incoming call notifications on your Android device after integrating Linkus SDK with your Android application.
  • Vivo Push and HONOR Push are only available for version or later.
The following table shows the required fields of push certificate for different push service platforms.
Push Service Platform Required Field
Android Getui Push AppId, AppKey, MasterSecret
Android Google Firebase Push AppKey
Huawei Push AppID, AppKey
Xiaomi Push AppKey, AppPackageName
Vivo Push App ID、App Key、App Secret
HONOR Push App ID、Client ID、Client Secret

Demo and Source code

Before the integration, we recommend that you try out the Demo and review the source code of 'Linkus SDK for Android' to have an overview of the framework and workflow of 'Linkus SDK for Android'.

For more information, go to the GitHub Repository of 'Linkus SDK for Android'.

Integration Process and Features

Integration Process