Change 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Preferences

To personalize your experience in 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' extension, you can change preferences of the extension.


  1. On your computer, open Google Chrome.
  2. On the toolbar, right click Yeastar icon (/), click Options.
  3. In the pop-up window, change the extension's preferences:
  4. Click Save.

Phone Number Detection

Setting Description
Enable click to call If enabled, phone numbers that meet Phone number length will be converted into clickable links; you can click the links to make calls from Linkus Web Client.
Display call icon for phone number detected Whether to display on the right of each detected phone number.
Phone number length (2 to 20) Set the length of phone numbers that can be detected and converted into clickable links.
  • Minimum: The minimum length of a phone number. The default value is 7.
  • Maximum: The maximum length of a phone number. The default value is 15.

General Settings

Setting Description
Dial out immediately on clicking phone number Place a call out immediately via Linkus Web Client after you click a clickable phone number.

If disabled, the phone number will be pasted to Linkus dialpad automatically, you need to click to call out.

Auto open Yeastar Linkus for Google at system startup Whether to automatically open the mini, pop-out Linkus Web Client when system starts up.
Note: The feature works only when Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed is enabled on Google Chrome.
Allow incoming call pop-ups when the Extension window is minimized

Whether to allow incoming call pop-ups when the mini, pop-out Linkus Web Client is minimized.

Important: If this option is disabled, the effects vary for different users:
  • For Windows users: No pop-up notification but the icon in desktop taskbar will flash to remind you of a new call.
  • For macOS users: Not any notification on the Mac will remind you of a new call.
Extension Shortcuts Settings Set up keyboard shortcuts for the extension and Linkus call activities.
  • Activate the extension: Open the mini, pop-out Linkus Web Client when you are browsing on Google Chrome.
  • Activate the extension (Global Available): Open the mini, pop-out Linkus Web Client wherever you are working on the PC.
  • Answer incoming call
  • Hold/Resume
  • Reject or hang up call
Tip: Click , press desired keys on keyboard, and then decide whether to apply the keyboard shortcut to the whole system or for Chrome only.

Website Blocklist

Setting Description
Website Blocklist Add an IP address or a domain to the blocklist. The extension will NOT detect phone numbers on the blocked website.