Audio Conferencing Overview

Audio Conferencing is a feature that aims for instant meeting while on a call. If third party involvement is needed during a call, you can invite them to an audio conference by directly dialing their phone numbers.

Requirements and Restrictions

Before you begin, read through the requirements and restrictions for using Audio Conferencing feature.

  • Yeastar Linkus for Google: Version 3.3.0 or later
  • Linkus Web Client: Version or later
Up to 9 members can be on an audio conference call.


Instant conference calls
Initiate an instant audio conference during a call, without the need for leaving the current conversation or being back in the office.
Flexibly invite members
Invite any members you want to the audio conference, this can be colleagues or external business partners.
Easily control meeting
Meeting control is at your fingertips. Operations such as mute/unmute, members add/delete, and recording enable/disable are only one-click away.