Network Security

Network Security is the second line of defense in multi-layered security strategy, monitoring access to your phone system, accepting or denying access based on a set of pre-defined rules. You can enhance network security by utilizing Allowed Country IPs and Allowed IPs policies.

Restrict Access to PBX by Country / Region

Implement geographic restrictions to limit access to Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition from specific countries or regions. PBX will only allow access from your trusted geographic locations while blocking all other traffic.

To set up geographic restrictions, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Security > Security Settings > Allowed Country IPs.
  2. Turn on the switch of Enable Allowed Country/Region IP Access Protection.
    Important: If a pop-up appears, you MUST confirm to allow access from your country or region, or you will NOT be able to access your system.
  3. At the top-right search bar, search the country or region that you want to grant access, then turn on the switch in the Operations column.

  4. Click Apply.

Allow Trusted Access to PBX by IP Address

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition has built-in rules to protect trusted connections (such as the connections with auto-provisioned devices and Yeastar services) and block unknown threats by monitoring the packets sent to specific ports within a specific time interval.

To prevent your trusted device from being accidentally blocked due to sending too many packets, you can add the device's address to the allowlist. PBX will always accept connections from the device.

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Security > Security Rules.
  2. Under Allowed IPs tab, click Add to add a rule.

  3. Click Save and Apply.