Contingency Plan

Although anti-hacking measures can be taken to protect your phone system, there is no absolute safety. Therefore, a contingency plan should in place to ensure a timely and effective response in case fraudsters successfully infiltrate your PBX or force your PBX to fail. You can utilize the Event Notification and Logging policy to monitor and get notified of critical events in real time, and the Backup policy to back up data and configurations for disaster recovery in case of system failure or data loss.

Event Notification and Logging

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports to monitor and log system events, and notify relevant contacts when events occur.

You can control the events to monitor, the contacts to receive notifications, the way to notify (send email, call extension, or call mobile), as well as the content to send.

  1. Go to System > Event Notification.
  2. Under Event Type tab, turn on the notification of the desired events, and customize the event level and email template as needed.

  3. Under Notification Contacts tab, add contacts to receive event notifications.

After receiving event notifications, you can check the details on PBX web portal (Path: System > Event Notification > Event Logs).

Note: For detailed introduction and instruction about Event Notification and Logging, see Event Notification Overview.


Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition allows you to back up the PBX's data and configurations. This will help you minimize downtime and data loss to ensure business continuity in case of system failure.

You can schedule automatic backups or create manual backups as needed.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Backup and Restore.
  2. To schedule automatic backups, click Backup Schedule, then set up and save the backup task.

  3. To create a manual backup, click Backup, then choose the data and configurations to back up and save the backup task.

Note: For detailed introduction and instruction about Backup, see Overview of Backup and Restore.