Auto Provisioning - FAQ

This topic provides answers to commonly asked questions about Auto Provisioning.


What provisioning protocol does Auto Provisioning support?

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition Auto Provisioning uses HTTP protocol to transmit configuration files.

Why can't the devices be auto provisioned?

The causes and solutions are as follow:

Cause Solution
The devices are not supported for Auto Provisioning by Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition. See Auto Provisioning - Supported Devices and make sure that your devices are supported.
The features or parameters to be provisioned are not supported on the devices. Contact your device vendor to ensure that the features or parameters are supported for the devices.
You don't trigger the devices to update configuration after modifying the settings for an extension user. Go to Auto Provisioning > Phone, re-provision the corresponding devices after modifying settings.
The configuration parameters configured in the advanced custom template are incorrect. Check the custom template to see if the parameters are correct.
The variable of parameters defined in the advanced custom template is modified, which causes configuration failure on PBX web portal. Check the custom template to see if the variables are correct.

For more information, see Variables in-templates.

Why can't some function keys be displayed on the IP phone?

The number of function keys you assign to an extension exceeds the number of programmable keys, the redundant function keys cannot take effect.