Feature Code

Feature codes are used to enable and disable certain features available in the Yeastar K2 IPPBX. Extension users can dial feature codes on their phones to use that particular feature.

Go to Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code to view or change the feature code settings.

  • Feature Code Digit Timeout: The timeout to input next digit. The default is 4000 ms.

Default Feature Codes

One Touch Recording *1
Auto Recording Switch *00
Call Forwarding
Reset to Defaults *70
Enable Forward All Calls *71
Disable Forward All Calls *071
Enable Forward When Busy *72
Disable Forward When Busy *072
Enable Forward No Answer *73
Disable Forward No Answer *073
Check Voicemail *2
Voicemail for Extension **
Voicemail Main Menu *02
Blind Transfer *03
Attended Transfer *3
Enable Do Not Disturb *74
Disable Do Not Disturb *074
Call Pickup
Call Pickup *4
Extension Pickup *04
Switch Dynamic Agent's Login Status *75
Switch Agent's Pause Status *075
Busy Camp-on
Enable Busy Camp-on *79
Disable Busy Camp-on *079
Time Condition
Time Condition Override *8
Intercom *5
Call Monitor
Listen *90
Whisper *91
Barge-in *92
Call Parking
Call Parking *6
Directed Call Parking *06
Parking Extension Range 6900-6999
Hot Desking
Guest In *93
Guest Out *093
Force Drop
Call Force Drop *94
Remote IVR
Remote IVR #9