DDNS Overview

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a method of updating a Domain Name System (DNS) to point to a changing IP address on the Internet.

When do you need a DDNS?

If your ISP assigns dynamic IP addresses to you, the remote extensions, or other remote devices can not keep connected to your PBX.

To ensure the successful remote connection with your PBX, you need to set up dynamic DNS service. Dynamic DNS keeps track of the dynamic IP address, so the remote devices can access the PBX even the IP address is changing from time to time.

Supported DDNS providers

You can set up DDNS on your router or Yeastar K2 IPPBX. Yeastar K2 IPPBX supports the following DDNS providers:

  • dyndns.org

  • freedns.afraid.org

  • www.no-ip.com

  • www.zoneedit.com

  • www.oray.com (For Chinese users)

  • 3322.org (For Chinese users)