Add Room Types

You can classify and price the hotel rooms according to the type of bed, number of occupants, number of bed, decor, specific furnishings or features.

  1. Go to Hotel > Room Management > Room Type, click Add.
  2. Set the room type settings.
    • Room Type: Set a name for the room type.
    • VAT: Set the Value Added Tax (VAT).

      For example, if a room price is 200$, and the VAT is 10%, the customer should pay 220$ (200+200*10%) for the room per day.

    • Weekday/Weekend: Set the week days and weekend days.

      Generally, the weekday rate and weekend rate will be different.

    • Weekday Price: Set weekday price.
    • Weekend Price: Set weekend price.
    • Holiday Price: Set holiday price.
    • Allow Hourly Stay: Enable this option, and the room type can be used as an hourly room.
    • Available Time: Set when the room can be used as hourly room. Customers can only use this room as hourly room in the period of time.
    • Initial Time: Set a period of time used to bill initial price.
    • Initial Price: Set the cost of the room in the initial time.
    • Hourly Price: If the customer stays in the hourly room over the “Initial Time”, the price will be charged by hour.

      Example: If the hourly room set as below:

      • Initial Time: 3 hours
      • Initial Price: 88 $
      • Hourly Price: 35 $

      The customer stays in the room for 4 hours and 20 minutes, he should pay 158 $ (88+35*2).

  3. Click Save and Apply.