Monitor Extension DND Status by BLF Keys

This topic takes a Yealink T53W IP phone as an example to introduce how to configure a BLF key on your phone to monitor the extension Do-Not-Disturb (DND) status.


Before you start, you need to register the extension you want to monitor to an IP phone. For more information, see Register a SIP Extension.

Configure a BLF key to monitor the extension DND status

  1. Log in to the IP phone web interface, go to Dsskey > Line Key.
  2. Configure a BLF key to monitor the DND status of extension 1008.
    • Type: Select BLF.
    • Value: Enter {ext_num}. In this example, enter 1008.
      Note: {ext_num} stands for extension number.
    • Line: Select the line where extension 1008 is registered on.

  3. Click Confirm.


  • BLF LED on: The extension 1008 is being monitored.
  • BLF LED off:The configuration is failed.

If the BLF key configuration is successful, when user dials the feature code to enable (default *74) or disable (default *074) the extension DND status, the BLF key will display different color to indicate different extension status.

Note: The BLF LED will not be changed if users change the extension DND status on web page, on Linkus clients, or via API interface.
  • Green BLF LED: The extension DND status is disabled and the extension is idle.
  • Red BLF LED: The extension DND status is enabled, or the extension is busy.