Extension Presence Overview

This topic introduces what is presence and how the presence status can benefit the user's work.

What is Presence

Extension Presence indicates the availability status of an extension. Presence settings are linked to the Call Forwarding rules and Linkus ring strategy. Different call forwarding rules and ring strategy can be set for each presence status.

Yeastar Cloud PBX provides five presence statuses:

  • Available: The user is online and ready for communication.
  • Away: The user is currently away from your office.
  • DND: The user doesn't want to be disturb, and you won't receive any calls.
  • Lunch Break: The user is currently on lunch break.
  • On a Business Trip: The user is currently on a business trip.

How does Presence benefit the user's work?

Presence status and information that are displayed on Linkus clients allows the user to see the presence of your colleague and instantly know whether the colleague is available, busy, or away.

Change Presence status to quickly route incoming calls. For example, if the user is at a meeting and do not want to miss calls, set the status to Away and forward the call to voicemail. Once the user is ready to receive calls again, switch back to Available.

How to change Presence status?

3 ways to change an extension presence.

  • On the Linkus client, extension users can change their own presence status.
  • On the Extension Web Portal, Linkus users can change their own presence status.
  • On the PBX Web Portal, you can change all extensions presence.