Set Call Permission of an Extension

On the Extension configuration page, you can set the outbound call permissions for the extension user.

  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Extensions, click beside the desired extension.
  2. On the Extension configuration page, click Call Permission tab.
  3. Select outbound routes for the extension from Available box to Selected box.

Outbound Routes Permission

Select outbound routes to the Selected box, the extension user will have the permission to make outbound calls through the selected outbound routes.

Outbound Restriction

  • Prohibit Outbound Calls

    Select the Outbound Restriction option to prohibit this extension from making outbound calls.

    On the Extensions page, the extension will be locked and the extension status will show .

    Note: If the extension user makes outbound calls over the limit of Outbound Restriction rule, the extension will also be locked.

  • Cancel Restriction for Outbound Calls

    Double click the icon or unselect the checkbox of Outbound Restriction to allow this extension to make outbound calls.