Access the PBX via SSH

To debug the system, you can establish a temporary SSH connection on the PBX, and access the PBX via SSH to check the logs.

  1. Establish SSH connection.
    1. Go to Maintenance > SSH Connection, click Establish Connection.
    2. On the Time Settings dialog box, select the time period in the Timeout drop-down menu, click OK.
      Note: When the connection times out, the SSH tunnel will be closed, you will not be able to access PBX via SSH.
      The SSH connection information is displayed on the SSH Connection page.
  2. Use PuTTY to access the PBX via SSH.
    • Host Name (or IP address): Enter the PBX domain.
    • Port: Enter the SSH port.
    • Connection Type: Choose SSH.
  3. To get more logs in the window, set the Lines of scrollback to a larger value, click Apply.
  4. Enter the username and password to access the PBX.
    • login as: Enter support.
    • password: Enter the SSH password.
    Tip: After copying the SSH password, right click on the Putty interface to paste password.