Check the Generated OpenVPN Certificates and Keys

After generating certificates and keys on the Command Window, you can find the certificates and keys in the %ProgramFiles%\OpenVPN\easy-rsa (e.g. D:\OpenVPN\easy-rsa).

Table 1. Explanation of generated certificates and keys
File Needed by Purpose
ca.crt server and clients Root CA certificate
ca.key key signing machine only Root CA key
server.crt server only Server Certificate
server.key server only Server Key
client.crt client only Client certificate
client.key client only Client key
dh2048.pem server only Diffie Hellman parameters.
Note: If the KEY_SIZE in the vars.bat file is set to 1024, the DH PEM file name is dh1024.pem.
ta.key server and clients

TLS authentication key.

Note: If SSL/TLS is enabled on the OpenVPN server, you should upload the ta.key to the OpenVPN server and OpenVPN clients.