Send Linkus Client Login Credentials to Users

After you enable Linkus clients for users, you need to send login credentials to them. This topic describes what information you need to provide, and how users can login with the provided information.

Send Linkus welcome emails to users for quick login

In most cases, you can send Linkus welcome emails to users, so that they can quickly log in to Linkus clients with the login QR code or login link provided in the email.
  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension.
  2. Select the checkbox(es) of the desired extension(s), then click Welcome Email at the top of the extension list.
The specified users will receive the Linkus welcome emails. They can use the QR code or the login link to log in to their Linkus clients as the following figures show.
Note: The QR code and login link are valid in 24 hours and can only be used once.
Figure 1. Mobile Client Quick Login (QR Code)
Figure 2. Mobile Client Quick Login (Login Link)
Figure 3. Desktop Client Quick Login (Login Link)
Figure 4. Web Client Quick Login (Login Link)

Send Linkus login information to users for manual login

In case users fail to receive Linkus welcome emails or access their mailboxes, you can provide users with the username and password of their extension accounts, as well as the network information of Linkus server, so that users can manually enter the login information to log in.

Provide the following information for users.
  • PBX domain name
  • Email address that is bound with the extension
  • Extension's user password
Users can log in to Linkus clients by manually entering the information as the following figures show.
Figure 5. Mobile Client Manual Login
Figure 6. Desktop Client Manual Login
Figure 7. Web Client Manual Login