Configure Audio Codec for Linkus Mobile Client

You can select the appropriate codec for users' Linkus Mobile Clients based on their actual usage scenarios to improve the call quality.


  • PBX server: Version or later
  • Linkus Mobile Client:
    • Android: Version 4.12.2 or later
    • iOS: Version 5.1.3 or later


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension.
  2. Click beside the desired extension user.
  3. Click Linkus Clients tab, then select an audio codec from the drop-down list of Linkus Mobile Client Codec.

  4. Click Save.


The codec is applied to the selected user's Linkus Mobile Client.
Note: Extension users can also change the codec on their Linkus Mobile Clients (path: Account > Settings > Audio Options > Codec), and the updated setting will be automatically synchronized to the PBX.