Monitor Auto Recording Status

When you pause and resume the Auto Recording during a call, you may need to know if the call recording state is switched successfully or not. You can set a BLF key on your IP phone to monitor the auto recording status of your current call.

This topic is based on the Yealink T41S version

  1. Log in the phone web interface, go to Dsskey > Line Key.
  2. Set a BLF key to monitor your own extension.
    In this example, your extension number is 1000, and the extension 1000 is registered on the phone Line 1.
    • Type: Set to BLF.
    • Value: The BLF key format is *00{extension_number}.

      In this example, set to *001000.

    • Label: Optional. The label will be displayed on the phone screen.
    • Line: Choose the Line where your extension number is registered.
  3. Click Confirm.
When the monitored extension is being recorded, the BLF LED will turn red.

When the monitored extension is not in a call or the Call Recording is paused, the BLF LED will turn green.