Release Date: October 10, 2022

Improvements and bug fixes

Remote Management
  • Optimized the connection retry mechanism of remote management: The PBX will automatically retry to connect to the Remote Management platform if the remote connection is disconnected unexpectedly.
System Stability
  • Fixed the following system stability issues:
    • The system crashed randomly after an extension user answered an inbound call.
    • After simultaneously sent multiple faxes from PBX, all the registered extensions lost connection, and status of all the trunks became unavailable.
Call issue
  • Fixed the call issue: When an inbound call sent to the PBX was forwarded to an extension on a remote PBX (connected via Yeastar FQDN), the extension rang, but the user failed to answer the call.
Time Condition
  • Fixed the Holiday issue: The administrator had set an inbound route to route the inbound calls based on Holiday, but when there were new periods added in Time Conditions > Holiday, the new periods didn't take effect in the inbound route.
  • Fixed the IVR issue: The Dial to Check Voicemail was enabled in an IVR, but if the Dial Extensions of the IVR was set to options other than Disable, all extension users failed to check their voicemails via feature code in the IVR.
Music on Hold (MoH)
  • Fixed the MoH issue: The Music on Hold in Prompt Preference was set to None, but the system still played the default MoH music when a call was being held.
  • Fixed the API authentication issue: Failed to authenticate with a non-default API username.
  • Fixed the conference API issue: When a conference moderator invited participants to the conference via API, the invited participants were asked to enter a password instead of directly joining the conference.
Allowed Country IPs
  • Fixed the security rule issue: The administrator set the Allowed Country IPs to only allow the IP access from a specific country, but the rule didn't take effect.
Hot Standby
  • Fixed the Hot Standby issue: The administrator had configured a Hot-Standby pair before. After the administrator subscribed Linkus Cloud Service (LCS) for the primary server and enabled the Hot Standby feature again, the secondary server didn't synchronously support the Linkus Cloud Service (LCS).
  • Fixed the Company Contacts issue: Failed to import contacts into Company Contacts.
  • Auto Provision (Version 78.0.1)
    • For Yealink phones: Added support for MAC address range of 249ad8000000 ~ 249ad8ffffff.
  • Hotel (Version 78.0.3)
    • Fixed the memory leak issue.