Force Drop an Extension's Call

The authorized users can dial a feature code to force drop an extension's ongoing call.

Background information

The default feature code for Call Force Drop is *94. To check or change the feature code, go to Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code > Force Drop > Call Force Drop.


Call Force Drop is a feature that can be applied in the following scenario:

Employee A (Ext.2000) and Employee B (Ext.3000) are in a call; Leader C (Ext.1000) has urgent things to confirm with Employee A.

In this case, Leader C can forcibly disconnect the call between Employee A and Employee B, and place another call to Employee A.


Grant Call Force Drop permission to the desired user.

In this case, grant the permission to Leader C (Ext.1000).


To force drop the call of Employee A (Ext.2000), do as follows:

  1. Leader C (Ext.1000) dials *{feature_code}+{extension_number} on his or her phone.

    In this case, Leader C dials *942000.


The ongoing call between Employee A and Employee B is disconnected, and each user is prompted as follows:

  • Leader C (Ext.1000) would hear a prompt "Call force drop succeeded.".
  • Employee A (Ext.2000) would hear a prompt "This call was forced to be dropped".
  • Employee B (Ext.3000) would hear a busy tone, and the call would be ended.