Busy Camp-on

Busy Camp-on is a busy-call handling method. When the callee's phone is busy, the caller can camp the call on PBX, the PBX informs the caller as soon as the callee's phone becomes available, and re-establishes the call to save the caller's waiting time.


The Busy Camp-on feature is only applicable for the call between extensions.

Sample Application

John and Tom are in different offices, John uses extension 1000, and Tom uses extension 1001.
  1. John calls Tom.
  2. Tom is busy in a call or cannot answer the incoming call; John hangs up, stops waiting for answering.
  3. John dials “*791001” to camp the call on.
    Note: To cancel camping, dial "*079".
  4. The PBX calls John as soon as Tom hangs up and his extension becomes available.
  5. When John answers the call from PBX, the PBX will recall Tom.
  6. Tom answers the call the call from PBX. The call will be established between John and Tom.

Busy Camp-on code

Log in to the PBX web interface, go to Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code, you can view or change the busy camp-on code.

The default busy camp-on code:

  • Enable Busy Camp-on code: *79
  • Disable Busy Camp-on code: *079