Import Parameters - Inbound Routes

Descriptions for the Inbound Route parameters that you can import to Yeastar Cloud PBX.

Parameter Description Importance Restriction Default Value
Name N/A Required The following characters are NOT allowed:

Spaces and : ! $ ( ) / # ; , [ ] \ " = < > & ' ` ^ % @ { } |

DID Pattern N/A Optional N/A
Caller ID Pattern N/A Optional N/A
Member Trunks Choose the trunks that incoming calls will be routed by this inbound route. Required Trunk Name of your trunk.

For multiple trunks, enter trunk names and use & as a separator, e.g. Trunkname1&Trunkname2.

Note: If the trunk you enter is not existing in PBX, the trunk will be skipped.
Destination Destination of incoming calls. Required

Permitted value:


Enter hangup or an extension number, e.g: 1000.
  • Other destinations are not supported in Import function.
  • If the extension you enter is not existing in PBX, the destination will be set to hangup.