API Reports

After the 3rd-party application server is connected to the Yeastar Cloud PBX via API interface, PBX will automatically sends API reports to the 3rd-party application server.

When the 3rd-party application server requests to log in the PBX, a request parameter port should be sent to the PBX. The port parameter tells the PBX which port to send API reports to.

  • After receiving API reports from the PBX, the 3rd-party application server should response 200OK, or the PBX will send API reports repeatedly.
  • If the 3rd-party application server and the PBX are not in the same network, you should forward the reports monitoring port (default TCP 8260) on the router which is connected to the 3rd-party application server.
  • To receive the extension relevant reports and trunk relevant reports on the 3rd-party application server, you should enable Extension Status Monitor and Trunk Status Monitor.

Reports Format

Yeastar Cloud PBX sends API reports to the 3rd-party application server by POST method. The API reports are in JSON format.

See the following 'System Startup' Report as a report example.

User-Agent: WebAPI
Host: api.yeastarcloud.com
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
    "action": "BootUp",
    "sn": "369351034049"