Error Code

Error Code Description
10002 Unsupported XML data packet format.
10003 Unsupported API request.
10004 The required parameter is blank.
10006 The extension does not exist.
10007 The call does not exist.
10008 The extension isn't idle.
10009 The extension does not allow being monitored.
10010 The monitor mode does not match.
10011 The called number does not exist.
10012 The IVR does not exist.
10013 The queue does not exist.
10014 The ring group does not exist.
10015 The call is not connected.
10016 The call is accepted/call refuse times out.
10017 The extension configuration failed.
10018 The IVR configuration failed.
10019 The queue configuration failed.
10020 Failed to add or modify an alarm.
10021 The alarm does not exist.
10022 The alarm already exists.
10023 The audio file does not exist.
10024 The extension does not have outbound call permission.
10025 High frequency of using system automatic apply of new configuration.
10028 The number cannot be blank.
10031 The callee number doesn't meet the requirement.
10032 Wrong password.
10033 Fail to save the outbound route settings for extension.
20000 Only support json format.
20001 Only support POST request.
20002 User login failure (user locked out).
20003 User login failure (invalid username or password).
20004 No such Token.
20005 Token is blank.
20006 Token times out.
20007 Blank data.
20008 Wrong port.
20009 Blank request.
20010 Failed to send request to apisrv for processing.
20011 HeartBeat Configuration request failure.
20012 The random string of recording file is invalid.
20013 Wrong captcha.
20014 The recording file does not exist.
20015 The setting of allowedip is wrong.
20016 The voicemail status is wrong.
20017 The random string of voicemail file is invalid.
20018 The voicemail file does not exist.
20019 The CDR time format is wrong.
20020 The random string of CDR file is invalid.
20021 The CDR file does not exist.
30001 API codes error.
30003 The apisrv dees not start up.