Query a Company Contact

Query a company contact, multiple company contacts, or all company contacts.

Request URL


Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
id Yes Integer The unique ID of a company contact.

Valid values:

  • A company contact id: Query information about the specified company contact.

    Example: "id":"11"

  • Multiple company contact ids: Query information about multiple company contacts. Separate multiple ids with ,.

    Example: "id":"11,12"

  • all: Query information about all company contacts.

    Example: "id":"all"

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
status String Request result.
  • Success
  • Failed
companycontacts Array <CompanycontactsInfo> Details about company contacts.
Parameter Type Description
id Integer The unique ID of the company contact.
lastname String The contact's last name.
firstname String The contact's first name.
company String The name of the company where the contact works.
email String The contact's email address.
businessnum String The contact's business number.
businessnum2 String The contact's another business number.
mobile String The contact's mobile number.
mobile2 String The contact's another mobile number.
homenum String The contact's home number.
homenum2 String The contact's another home number.
businessfax String The contact's business fax number.
homefax String The contact's home fax number.
othernum String The contact's other number.
zipcode String The zip code of the city where the contact lives.
street String The street where the contact lives.
city String The city where the contact lives.
state String The state where the contact lives.
country String The country where the contact lives.


Request example

Query detailed information about a company contact whose id is 12.

POST /api/v2.0.0/companycontacts/query?token=42e4fc1a0d093ec973a5bcfb28424fcb
Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8

	"id": "12"
Response example
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Boa/0.94.14rc21
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Connection: close
Content-Type: application/json
Access-control-allow-origin: *
Access-control-allow-methods: GET, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE

	"status": "Success",
	"companycontacts": [
			"id": "12",
			"firstname": "Maggie",
			"lastname": "Chou",
			"email": "",
			"company": "",
			"businessnum": "15880123456",
			"businessnum2": "",
			"businessfax": "",
			"mobile": "",
			"mobile2": "",
			"homenum": "",
			"homenum2": "",
			"homefax": "",
			"othernum": "",
			"zipcode": "",
			"street": "",
			"city": "",
			"state": "",
			"country": ""